Friday, 24 June 2016

McDonalds- more allergy friendly than you think.

McDonalds. So often, friends say that they just want "a dirty burger" and they go to McDonalds. I had always thought this meant a burger van on the side of the road. People are always surprised that my son and I can eat in McDonalds when we can't eat in Nando's, GBK, Five Guys etc. But the truth is, that yes, McD's does sell deep fried, and therefore, fatty food. It does sell a limited amount of vegetables, and yes it does accessorise everything with fries. It is also true though, that it sells hamburgers and coated chicken without egg, and kids meals without soya in, and dessert that people with allergies can eat.  Do you know how rare it is that my son and I can ever have dessert when eating out?? We can sit, my son with his McFlurry, and me with my Apple Pie, and we can delight in the treat that it is. In the Marks and Spencer's ready made lunches I can eat one thing. Yes it is a delightful duck wrap, but that duck wrap pretty quickly becomes a tiresome thing. My son can eat one sandwich, and yet in McD's we get choice!!

If you have allergies, what can you eat in McD's?

If you are allergic to soya, eggs, nuts (like my son), you can eat fish finger, chicken nuggets, chicken selects and the wraps with alterations. You can also eat the salads. For dessert, you can eat McFlurries with Crunchie, Dairy Milk and Smarties but not Oreo, the little Caramel Sundaes, and Apple Pies!

I am allergic to dairy but not soya as well as eggs and nuts, and I can eat Hamburger, Quarter Pounder (no cheese), Chicken Selects, Fish Fingers, plain Filet O'Fish.

Having said all of this, I fully accept that if you are allergic to gluten this is harder. Years ago I followed the South Beach Diet, and I avoided gluten. To this end, in McDonalds, I used to have two hamburgers without buns and fries. It was messy but it did the job. And you can have McFlurries which I am told is the best thing about McD's. 

Tonight I am eating in Bills. As I cannot have the chips in Bills, because they have never thought about having two fryers (one with chips only and one with deep fried cheese etc), we will see how this goes.