For Allergy Information and allergen email alerts (brilliant):

Eating out:

The chains (you might be surprised)
  • Strada *****- they have excellent service for people with allergies as they make most food on site and will adapt to siuit your needs.
  • Beefeater ****- have a comprehensive allergy book with choices even for someone like me. When I was a child they used to let my mum bring my ice cream and they would put it in a proper bowl for me.
  • Debenhams cafe ****- I know you're thinking its a bit kitsch but when you've got as many allergies as I have you go with it. They have an excellent allergy book and their fish and chisp is really good. Always get the "freshly battered" though.
  • McDonalds ***- I know what you are thinking but they have a comprehensive allergens list and a lot less rubbish than you might think (people are always shocked that I can eat in McDonalds but not Pizza Express!!)
  • Wagamama ***- really good allergen list on website, but the restaurant are soooo busy they can get it wrong so if you have a life threatening allergy I would give it a miss.
  • Pizza Hut *- Used to be good, tried to hard to be clever and now everything has dairy or other allergens in it. I once had to go to A&E after eating a tsp of bacon bits whose last ingredient was groundnut (peanut) oil.  Their menu says that none of their products contain nuts but they can't gurantee they will be nut free. Rubbish!
  • Pizza Express *- Of you have a nut allergy this is definately one to avoid. They're everywhere. Considering they say a lot is made on site, they should be able to cope. They can't.