Saturday, 19 November 2016

Breakfast of Champions?

Hello. At this time of year, eating healthily can be a right pain, especially if like me, you have suffered with your autumn/winter transition asthma attack. This year, mine has been particularly bad, and I have been ill a lot. I had a cold, then a virus, then a chest infection, then tonsillitis, all of which has played havoc on my lungs. My only solution is to get well, then get fit, then ensure I start eating healthily. So I am going to give up caffeine, reduce my alcohol intake (which I have already done and feel a lot better for), reduce my Coke Zero intake and eat more fruit and veg. But which meal is the hardest when you have allergies like mine? Breakfast. Most of the allergy friendly choices that aren't high fat and don't take a long time to prepare are boring and not necessarily that healthy. This is what I mostly eat:

  • Baked beans on a crumpet
  • Cornflakes with soya milk
  • Bacon and Baked Beans
  • Rice porridge
  • Occasional treat- Those croissants that you bake that used to be Pillsbury Dough Boy ones.
  • Sometimes homemade pancakes
It needs work eh? More fruit, more choice, more excitement. Who knows what the answer is to that!

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