Sunday, 5 May 2013

Booze with allergies

Many a day have I had a glass of wine and fallen asleep with everyone believing and still believing that I am a total lightweight. What I am is allergic to some of the additives in wine. It has taken many years and many horrid nights to realise this. Co-Op has also played a pivotal role. Why? Because they put ingredients lists on their booze! Yesterday, my mum, who often takes pity on me, bought me a lovely Co-Op Shiraz Rose after we searched the shelves. It was really good and very easy on the stomach.  And I had no hangover today or fell asleep immediately (I did of course, fall asleep far too early, but that's the woes of being a parent!). What you many not know is that milk, nuts, chemicals, additives and animal bones are often used in wine for a variety of reasons e.g. to remove the 'scum' off of the top.  Red wine, I have discovered is particularly lethal. For years, my mum and i have been restricted to Prosecco, which has been lovely because it always feels very decadent, but it can be a bit lonely as friends often want to share still whites, and it feels like an occasion drink. My mum and I have also discovered that we can drink something called Vina Maipo which we have shared in a (ahem*) box. Yes, it lacks class, but great if lots of people are sharing.

So, to conclude, if you have allergies, Co-Op is my recommendation, whether its box or bottle (their spirits also have ingredients on for anyone that's allergic to almonds and been caught out by Bombay Sapphire!)

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