Friday, 10 May 2013

Chocolate fork biscuits and Mary Berry!

To Mary Berry- I can honestly say that you have been a deeply influential person in my life. I am 31 years old so you didn't ever teach me to use a cooker, but as a child my mum and I watched your Aga video and learnt how to make drop scones, and every cookbook I used was a Mary Berry book. The Marks and Spencer's "Cooking for your Freezer" was one of them. And now I am an adult and have two little children (one with allergies like me), it is my constant companion. I love the retro photos (why did they purposefully make food so unappestising looking in the 70's? ), and the simplicity. Oe of my favourites are the chocolate fork biscuits. For people who aren't intolerant to gluten just use wheat or spelt flour.

Chocolate fork biscuits

225g/ 8oz marg
100g/4oz sugar (I sometimes use soft brown for fudge texture and take it down to 3oz)
1tsp vanilla extract (I use organic)
225g/8oz SF Flour (Doves Farm seems to work best if GF)
50g/2oz drinking chocolate/ cocoa

Cream marg and sugar, and add vanilla. Work in flour and chocolate. Roll into little balls and place on a baking tray with baking paper on (if you can't get baking parchment to stay on sheet, scrunch it in your hands, then flatten out), use a fork to flatten biscuits and bake for about 12 mins at 190 degrees. If freezing, open freeze, then pack into bags/ boxes.

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